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Broken Column Association
he Broken Column Association was established in 2001 and is the group name for a number of branches formed in the Province of Dorset for the sole benefit of widows of former members.
Every branch is independent and is run exclusively by the ladies for and on their own behalf. Monthly meetings are held at various Masonic halls. Each branch raises its own finance which in turn is supported by the charity Dorset Masonic Care.

Membership is not confined to Dorset widows; it is open to all Masonic widows, irrespective of where their husbands’ lodge(s) met.
The branch co-ordinator is V.W.Bro David Foyle, telephone 01202 514926. Each branch has an appointed liaison officer as follows:-
Bro Ray Hollard
01202 622230
W. Bro David May
01305 771796
W. Bro Paul Mead
01202 897885

Broken Column Brooch
he broken column brooch was first introduced in 1861 during the American Civil War for the ladies of Masons who were engaged in hostilities.
Broken Column brooch  
Inevitably, many of these brethren did not return, and as the ladies continued to wear the brooch it gradually became accepted as a Widows’ Brooch throughout North America and Canada. More recently it is having increasing acceptance throughout the United Kingdom. It serves to symbolise the continued concern for the widow of a brother Mason and is used as a means of recognition.
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Throughout the year the Province organises a number of special meetings, events and workshops. A summary of these and other Masonic events for the next year can be viewed on this page.
Richard Merritt - Provincial Grand Master for Dorset
PGM’s page
The Provincial Grand Master for the Masonic Province of Dorset is Right Worshipful Brother Richard Merritt. You can read his web page here.

R. W. Bro. Merritt was Installed as Provincial Grand Master on 30th October 2008 at the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting held at Sherborne School.

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